Kelvindale Primary School
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Enrolment Procedures


If a prospective pupil lives within the catchment area then the child will be enrolled in the school provided there is capacity.  Applications are made online using the following link 

If the pupil lives outside the catchment area then the parent/carer will have to make a placing request.  Placing Request forms are available from GCC Business & Customer Services at the following link  Due to the ongoing popularity of our school, you are advised that it may not always be possible to accommodate you. 

Enrolling your child to start Primary 1 at the beginning of a school year (August).

Advertisements in the local area and in newspapers give details of primary 1 enrolment which takes place each year in November. 
Once your child is enrolled for education at Kelvindale Primary, you and your child will be invited to our Primary 1 Information sessions in late May and early June. These sessions are designed to ensure you are well informed about the school and to help your child become familiarised and relaxed about their new school. While you attend the information sessions your child will enjoy activities in their new classroom with their fellow pupils and their teacher.
Further detailed guidance provided by Education Services can be found at the following link