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Parent Council

Kelvindale Primary Parent Council

All parents are welcome to our next meeting on Wednesday 8th February via Teams. 

Parents will have lots to discuss and the Parent Council is there to raise all matters of concern or interest other than in respect of individual pupils.
Please email with items you want to discuss

Membership 2023/24


Stuart Donald (P2 & P5)




Alisdair Matheson (P5)

Parent Members:

Abu-Zar Aziz (P6)

Barry Walker (P6)

Robin Dallas-Childs (P3 & P5)

Co-opted members:

Bryan Montgomery - Teacher’s Representative


Gillian Roulston – Acting Head Teacher

The Parent Council exists to represent the Parents Forum which means all parents and carers of children at Kelvindale Primary.   Members of the Parent Forum may attend meetings which will be advertised in the School newsletter. Please contact your year representative – or any other year representative - or member if you have any general issues which you would like the Parent Council to investigate. (The Parent Council does not get involved with specific issues involving individual children; such issues should be raised directly with the Head Teacher.) 
Further information on Parent Councils in Scotland can be found  at:

Glasgow City Council