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The Kelvindale Primary Parent Council (KPPC) has been working closely with stakeholders to address the traffic challenges surrounding the school over many months. The issue still remains a major concern, therefore KPPC is inviting parents, residents, police and Glasgow City Council to a summit where solutions can be found to reduce the everyday risks faced by pupils as a result of driving behaviours and poor traffic infrastructure.

The event takes place at the school at 7pm, Weds 1st April 2020.

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Kelvindale Primary Parent Council

Parent Council Membership

At recent meetings the Parent Council discussed the school refurbishment, progress made on resolving pitch drainage and the recruitment process for the vacant depute head teacher post among other things. The minutes are available via the link on the right and we are always looking for parents/ carers who want to be more informed and engaged in the school and its governance.
The next meeting is at the school on Wednesday 29th January 2020 at 7pm. 
Please email agenda items to
Membership 2019/20


Alisdair Matheson (P7, P5 & P1)


Abu - Zar Aziz (P6 & P2)


Jacqueline Burns  (P5)

Parent Members:

Natalie McEwan (P7 & P5)

Tom Willacy (P6)

Barry Walker (P5 & P3)

Co-opted members:

Gillian Roulston - Teacher’s Representative


Barbara Matheson – Head Teacher

The Parent Council exists to represent the Parents Forum which means all parents and carers of children at Kelvindale Primary.   Members of the Parent Forum may attend meetings which will be advertised in the School newsletter. Please contact your year representative – or any other year representative - or member if you have any general issues which you would like the Parent Council to investigate. (The Parent Council does not get involved with specific issues involving individual children; such issues should be raised directly with the Head Teacher.)   Contact with the Parent Council can also be made through the postbox in the shed or by e-mailing
Further information on Parent Councils in Scotland can be found  at:

Glasgow City Council