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Connect Survey Update and Reports
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Connect Survey Update and Reports: 

Connect’s Parent/Carer Surveys: How’s It Going? Autumn 2021:
431 responses from parents/carers in 28 local authorities to our Autumn survey, we are delighted to share with you Connect’s Parent/Carer Survey Report, our calls to action and many parents' comments here:
Connect's Parent/Carer Surveys: Education Reform: 
We are also absolutely delighted to share Parent/Carers’ contributions to Connect's Education Reform surveys, one on recognising achievement in secondary school and the other on school inspections. 
We submitted the survey data to Professor Muir on parents/carers’ behalf, as well as a consultation response from Connect which was shaped by the surveys. In addition, Professor Muir has received Connect's survey reports which include clear calls for change and improvement. You can read Connect's consultation response and the two survey reports here: